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Back-to-School Pencil Banner

As back-to-school season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about classroom decorations for the new school year. Make this pencil banner with grosgrain ribbon to decorate a bulletin board or doorway.

Intermediate Back-to-School Pencil Banner project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • Grosgrain Ribbon - Grey
    • Grosgrain Ribbon - Antique White
    • Grosgrain Ribbon - Black
    • Grosgrain Ribbon - Hot Pink
    • Grosgrain Ribbon - Yellow Gold
    • Twine
    • Small Decorative Clothes Pins
    • Scissors
    • Ruler or Measuring Tape
    • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

Cut the ribbon to the following lengths and heat seal all the cut ends. Yellow Gold: one piece 7 inches and two pieces each of 6 inches, 5 inches, and 4 inches. Hot Pink: seven pieces - 1 inch. Grey: seven pieces - 1/4 inch. Antique White: seven pieces - 3/4 inch. Black: seven pieces - 7/8 inch.

Step 2

Using the antique white ribbon, cut off one end of each piece in a zig zag pattern to resemble a sharpened pencil. Heat seal the ends. Glue the black pieces of ribbon onto the straight end.

Step 3

Place the black ribbon over the yellow ribbon, lining up the ends and then glue down. The zig zag cut end will be pointing up.

Step 4

Place your scissors 1/4 inch down on the side of the antique white ribbon and cut on an angle to form the pencil point. Repeat for the other side and on all of the pencils. Heat seal the ends.

Step 5

Glue a piece of grey ribbon onto the end of a hot pink piece to create the eraser. Do this to all seven pieces. Glue the erasers to all of the pencils.

Step 6

Cut a piece of twine to approximately 2-1/2 yards. Attach the pencils to the twine using two clothes pins for each pencil. Stagger the different size pencils along the twine.

Tips & Tricks

For a different version, try using different ribbon widths or colors.