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Bow Genius™ DIY Christmas Wreath

Decorate wreaths with beautiful ribbon Christmas bows thanks to Offray’s Bow Genius™ Bow Maker! Switch up the ribbon color and floral accessories for personalized holiday décor!

Beginner Bow Genius™ DIY Christmas Wreath project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • Bow Genius™
    • 1-1/2" Contessa, Wired Edge Ribbon - Scarlet
    • Scissors
    • Floral or Craft Wire, 10inches
    • Wire Wreath Frame
    • 9 ft. Artificial Garland
    • Wreath Accessories

Step 1

First, you will need to create your Christmas wreath. Take one end of your artificial garland and wrap it a couple of times around your starting point on the frame.

Step 2

Slowly begin wrapping the garland around the frame, making sure there are no large gaps as you go. Unfurl the pine, bending or twisting them until you are satisfied with the look and fullness.

Step 3

Put the wreath aside and pull out the Bow Genius Bow Maker. Extend the wings all the way out, and place 10 inches of wire down the middle of the tower.

Step 4

Choose the length of your tail by using the scale on the Bow Genius. It doesn’t have to be exact, because you can cut it shorter later. Move it off to the side. Where the tail length starts, place the ribbon right side (colorful side) down through the middle of the tower, perpendicular to the wire.

Step 5

Gently fold the Offray ribbon to your desired length. This will be your bow loop size. Twist as you insert the material through the tower. The right side should show on the complete loop and the wrong side should show on the other side of the tower if you’ve twisted correctly.

Step 6

Continue making loops. Make them smaller as you reach the top until you’ve reached your desired number on each side. For a basic size, aim for six on each size side. Trim the other tail to your desired length.

Step 7

Carefully take the wire ends and twist them together to secure the ribbon. Pull the ribbon out of the Bow Genius. Adjust the loops until it looks the way you want it to.

Step 8

Use the tails of the leftover wire to attach the bow to your holiday wreath. Trim the tails if necessary. Add decorative accessories and hang your new wreath from a mirror, door or mantle!

Tips & Tricks

Use real foliage for a different look and fresh start. Use differently colored garland to add some pizazz. Change out the color of the bow and switch out the accessories for a wreath that matches any season!