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Button Shamrock and Ribbon Wreath

This fun St. Patrick's Day wreath is even better than a pot of gold!

Intermediate Button Shamrock and Ribbon Wreath project

Step 1

Locate your 1 1/2″ green satin ribbon. Secure ribbon to the back with 2 – 3 pins. Begin wrapping and overlap somewhat as you go as shown in the photo.

Step 2

Wrap completely around and once you’ve reached the top, trim leaving approximately 1 inch as shown

Step 3

Next, roll or fold over several times and secure to back with several pins as shown. This will give it a finished look.

Step 4

Using a ruler, cut 2″ strips from the assorted ribbon you have. We used approximately 12 spools of assorted greens and sizes and white.

Step 5

Roll your ribbon and insert pin inside your loop to secure into your wreath. Space your colors as you go along.

Step 6

Continue pinning ribbon loops until half the wreath is covered.

Step 7

Using head pins, begin inserting Favorite Findings Shamrock Felt Buttons into the Styrofoam. Cover remaining half of wreath.

Step 8

Add green buttons to fill in any gaps.

Step 9

Add hanging shamrocks to the center of the wreath by cutting approximately 3 – 4″ pieces of ribbon. Glue shamrocks back to back adding smaller shamrocks on top. With a pin, secure to the under part of the wreath. Cut excess.