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Day of the Dead Costume Accessory DIY Halloween Headband

Complete your Day of the Dead costume with this easy Halloween costume craft! Wear this DIY floral headband and ribbons with sugar skull makeup and a black dress for a cute homemade costume!

Beginner Day of the Dead Costume Accessory DIY Halloween Headband project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • Black Headband
    • Artificial Flowers in Red, Pinks, Black
    • Scissors
    • Glue Gun
    • Measuring Tape
    • Wire Cutters

Step 1

Cut five leaves from the flowers and glue them along the top center of the headband.

Step 2

Cut the flowers off their stems. Glue the larger flowers to both sides of the headband.

Step 3

Cut an 8 inch piece of tulle. Gather the tulle at one end. Wrap the end with a piece of red ribbon and glue. Glue this to the back of the leaves.

Step 4

Glue the velvet flowers along the top of the headband, in front of the leaves.

Step 5

Cut two pieces of each color ribbon to 26 inches long. Join one set together, line up the ends and tie a knot in the center of the ribbons. Glue the knot under the bottom flower on the headband. Repeat with the remaining ribbons on the other side.

Tips & Tricks

Headband not the right color? Try wrapping it with narrow satin ribbon and secure with glue at both ends.