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Decorative Windsock

Teaching kids about how wind works is made much more colorful and fun when they can make their own ribbon and embroidery hoop windsock (with a little help, of course). This easy project is a fun decoration in a playroom or on a porch as well as a teaching tool.

Beginner Decorative Windsock project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • 6" and 9" Embroidery Hoops
    • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
    • Ruler or Measuring Tape
    • Scissors
    • String or Ribbon to Hang

Step 1

Begin making your embroidery hoop art by taking your Offray 1-1/2” Single Face Satin Ribbon in New Chartreuse and cutting five pieces of ribbon, each measuring 24” long. Repeat with the remaining 1-1/2” satin ribbon colors.

Step 2

Take your Offray 7/8” Sheer Asiana Ribbon in Shocking Pink and begin cutting it into five pieces, each measuring 22” long. Repeat with your remaining sheer ribbon colors.

Step 3

Using whatever color sheer ribbon you want (we used Tropical Orange), cut three pieces measuring approximately 12” long.

Step 4

Take your 12” sheer ribbon pieces and both embroidery hoops to begin to fasten them together. Hot glue the end of one of your ribbons to the inside of your 9” embroidery hoop, looping it around the side and bottom of the hoop to keep it secured. Take the other end of the same ribbon strip and repeat the same process with the 6” hoop so that both the hoops are connected via the ribbon strip. Space out the other two 12” ribbons evenly across the 9” embroidery hoop and secure with hot glue. Repeat the process with the 6” embroidery hoop, spacing them evenly across so that when you hold the 9” embroidery hoop parallel to the ground, your 6” hoop is also parallel.

Step 5

Grab your Offray 1-1/2” Single Face Satin Ribbon in Turquoise and wrap one end around the top and outside portions of your 9” hoop. Hot glue the end of the ribbon to the inside of the hoop and press firmly to secure. Take care not to burn yourself during this process. Use the end of a pencil to hold the ribbon as it cools.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 with the remaining satin ribbon colors. We chose to follow a specific pattern, but you can be as random as you’d like. You should be left with an embroidery hoop covered entirely with ribbon and no pieces of the wood showing through.

Step 7

Moving on to the 6” hoop: begin by taking your Offray 7/8” Sheer Asiana Ribbon in Shocking Pink and following the same process as Step 5. Using the rest of the sheer ribbon strips, repeat Step 6 until your 6” embroidery hoop is covered in sheer ribbons.

Step 8

Using three pieces of string or ribbon, tie knots evenly spaced around your 9” hoop and gather them in the center above your windsock. Tie the ends together and hang using a hook in the ceiling or wherever you choose.

Tips & Tricks

Create different looks by using different widths and patterns of ribbon.