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Pinecone Christmas Ornament

This fun and festive DIY ornament Christmas craft is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your holiday decorations!

Intermediate Pinecone Christmas Ornament project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • 7/8" Single Face Satin Ribbon - Brown, 2 yards
    • 7/8" Single Face Satin Ribbon - Milk Chocolate, 2 yards
    • 7/8" Single Face Satin Ribbon - Old Gold, 2 yards
    • Foam Egg
    • 1 Yard of Twine
    • Scissors
    • Straight Pins, Small
    • Ruler

Step 1

Cut the ribbon into 2 inch pieces. Cut two 1 inch pieces of the Brown. Pin a 1 inch piece to cover the pointy end (bottom) of the egg.

Step 2

Take one 2 inch piece of ribbon and fold down each side to make a triangle. Using 2 pins, one for each end of the triangle, pin the triangle onto the egg.

Step 3

Continue to pin triangles around egg, alternating colors of ribbon. For the last row, you will need to fold over each side of the triangle to make them smaller so they fit on the egg.

Step 4

Finish by pinning a 1 inch piece of ribbon to cover up all the seams at the top.

Step 5

With 18 inches of twine, make a 6 inch loop in the center and then tie a bow. Trim bow ends and pin securely to the top of pinecone.

Tips & Tricks

Use different color combinations to match your holiday decorations.