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Trick or Treat Bucket Halloween Craft

Create a unique trick or treat bucket with this fun and easy Halloween craft for kids! Adorn a metal bucket with your favorite Offray Halloween ribbons for a sturdy alternative to DIY trick or treat bags that may rip or tear. Send it out with your trick or treater or use it to hand out candy out home. Either way, this cute bucket will look fantastic filled with treats.

Beginner Trick or Treat Bucket Halloween Craft project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • Small Metal Bucket

Step 1

Cut six strips of black V-Stripe Offray Ribbon, measured to fit the height of your bucket from bottom to top, with ½-inch of ribbon left to fold over inside the bucket.

Step 2

Glue the six strips of black V-Stripe Offray Ribbon around the bucket, evenly spaced. Remember, to glue down the extra ½-inch of each strip inside the bucket.

Step 3

Cut a piece of black Single Face Satin Offray Ribbon to fit the circumference of the bottom of your bucket. Once cut, glue around the bottom of the bucket, over the bottom of the black V-Stripe Offray Ribbons strips, to cover the edges.

Step 4

Use an orange striped ribbon to tie a bow around each side of the bucket’s handle.