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Witch Hat Favors

Add a little festive fun to your party or event decor with these adorable witch hats!

Beginner Witch Hat Favors project
  • Supplies:

    You'll Need:
    • Cardstock in Black, 12" x 12", 1 Sheet per Favor
    • Tissue Paper in Black, 8" x 8", per Favor
    • Craft Glue
    • Scissors
    • White Marking pencil

Step 1

Trace the hat cone template onto the black cardstock. Draw a 6” outer circle. Draw a 3 1/8” circle in the center of the larger circle. Draw a 5” circle onto the black tissue paper.

Step 2

Carefully cut all three hat components.

Step 3

Wrap and glue the hat to form a cone. The bottom opening should be 3 ½ ” in diameter. Cut ¼” tabs along the bottom edge. Fold the tabs flat. Slide the hat brim over the cone so it is resting on the cone tabs. Secure the brim to the cone with craft glue.

Step 4

Wrap and glue a piece of the 5/8” ribbon around the hat base. Tie a bow and attach to the front of the hat favor. Fill the favor with treats. Glue the tissue paper cover over the favor opening.